Exploring the Mind-Voice Connection: Mindful Voice ©

What is Mindful Voice? Mindful Voice is a holistic approach to vocal wellness and awakening your  multifaceted identity. Your voice serves a physiological, biological and emotional purpose. It is a tool for self - expression and represents your inner most thoughts and emotions. If you are a professional and use your voice in any capacity throughout the day then Mindful Voice is for you. 

The human voice is the vessel on which all emotions travel. And the breath is the captain of that vessel. - Claron McFadden

The principles and methods that are used in Mindful Voice are heavily based on evidence based practices that are used in traditional voice therapy. As a licensed and certificated speech language pathologist I aim to provide best practice approach to the health and well being of your voice. In addition I draw from other fields such as psychology and spiritual care in nursing to address the whole person in a holistic way.  

  • Voice therapy is the first line of treatment for vocal fold lesions like vocal nodules, polyps, or cysts (Johns, 2003; Anderson & Sataloff, 2002). 

  • These lesions often occur in people with vocally intense occupations like teachers, attorneys, or clergyman (Roy et al., 2001). 

  • Another possible cause of these lesions is vocal overdoing often seen in high-energy adults who often speak loudly (Trani et al., 2007; Rubin et al., 2006; Stemple et al., 2000; Boone et al., 2005).

We take great care to sharpen their mind, keep their bodies strong and nourish ourselves with nutrient dense foods. Our voice is an equally important piece of this puzzle on the journey to self actualization and optimization. We should take care of our voice with the same intention that we take care of our mind, body and spirit. 

So what does this method entail? 

  • Sound Meditation 

  • Vocal Function Exercises

  • Guided Visualizations 

  • Vocal Vibrations: Vagus Nerve Stimulation  

  • Breath Work: Diaphragmatic Breathing Principles 

  • Circum - Laryngeal Massage

  • Vocal Identity Awakening

What does your voice communicate to your audience? How do you optimize your voice for optimal performance? Does your voice ever fatigue or fail after a long day of speaking? These and many more questions arise as we work together to address the myriad of layers that make up your identity and your voice. You may be thinking that your voice is a good representation of your true being. Then allow me to help elevate and maintain your vocal health and wellness. You may be thinking that you don’t like how you sound on audio. Then allow me to educate you on how to manipulate and optimize your voice for audio recording. You may be experiencing an acute onset of laryngitis and have been placed on voice rest. Then allow me to teach you to protect your voice from future harm and speed up the healing process. 

"Body language and tone of voice - not words - are our most powerful assessment tools" - Christopher Voss

If you feel you'd benefit from my Mindful Voice protocol then please contact me and let's start a dialogue about how I can serve you!