Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said, “The human voice is the organ of the soul”.



When our voice isn’t aligned with our identity we can feel any number of emotions from frustration to being silenced. At our practice our goal is to unlock of the vocal potential of every human we come into contact with. 

Beyond just a speech - language clinic, we look at each client as whole individual and strive to provide the optimal experience from beginning to end. Through our integrative and compassionate approach we meet you where you are at, walk alongside you as a partner while you embark on your vocal journey. 

We look forward to connecting and serving you.


Meet Tina Babajanians, the founder of The Voice Stylist.

Tina has a passion for pushing her professional boundaries and exploring areas of the voice that are untouched. As a clinician she has seen how communication impacts everyday life and through her practice she hopes to give a voice to anyone who seeks to live life without limitations.

Tina holds a masters degree in the field of speech - language pathology. She has been a practicing clinician for ten years.

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Tina Babajanians MS., CCC - SLP Master Voice Clinician