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Voice Therapy Training eBook


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Are you a clinician looking to add voice feminization services to your practice?


Guided therapeutic approach to help structure each session
Outlined sessions from consultation to exit assessment
Each session is accompanied with scripts, resources and prompts
Client accountability and homework manual with over 30 pages of content

Editable clinician workbook includes templates and resources for your use

Look no further than my practical clinicians guide to voice feminization training and learn how to provide excellent therapy that creates lasting change for your clients!

My clinician’s manual to voice feminization is an easy to follow, step - by - step guide to all things transgender voice therapy. Starting from the consultation, to assessment, treatment and exit assessment, you will learn how I implement therapy. The manual covers my approach to voice feminization, in a structured program that you can follow or use to enhance your own methods.

Free Clinician Guide

Are you a clinician looking to expand your practice to include transgender voice therapy?

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Download a portion of my guide for free.


Free Client Resource Guide

Full Self - Help Guide Coming Soon!

Feel free to download my Vocal Hygiene Plan to keep your voice healthy and optimized! Are you a client who is looking to change your voice and change your life?

My client manual will guide you through each area of the voice and will help you find your most authentic voice. Beginning with your vocal health and wellness all the way to addressing how to find your new pitch and resonance. Written in easy to understand language so you can follow the program and see lasting change.

For step by step video guidance check out my YouTube!

If any of these are you - get in touch and we can discuss!

Are you a clinician that is practicing voice therapy and would like to add transgender voice services to your clinic?

Have you tried all the free resources out there only to be left frustrated because your voice isn’t changing?

Curious how I can help you improve your voice? Have you tried everything else and it just hasn’t worked?

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