Transgender Voice Therapy 

Transgender voice therapy is an elective service in which the speech - language pathologist assists the individual transitioning from male - to - female to find their new feminine voice. This is an important step in the transition process because our voice represents our identity. The individualized program offered includes work in the areas of resonance, pitch, intonation, rate, volume/intensity, feminine articulation and body language training, vocal hygiene and a client workbook to help generalize the skills learned in therapy.  Please contact me today so I can help you awaken your authentic voice. 

  • Professional and evidence - based methods to help increase the feminine resonance and pitch of your voice 
  • A complete vocal feminization and wellness program 
  • Beyond just the therapy session, we aim to help generalize the skills into everyday life
  • Services available in - person and/or via Skype
  • Access to our private online voice group

Voice Feminization Workshop

If you're considering transgender voice feminization but do not have the resources or time for individual therapy, then you might consider a one - day voice feminization workshop. 

What Should I Expect?

The Voice Feminization Workshop involves one or more speech - language pathologists who lead a group of three or more clients through a specific protocol of exercises to achieve an improved feminine pitch and resonance in just one day.

The Voice Stylist is available to hold workshops for small private groups of three or more as well as for larger organizations. Please contact me directly to discuss your details. 

  • Groups are for three or more, no more than 15
  • 4 - 6 hour intensive work focused on resonance, pitch, intonation and vocal health
  • Client workshop companion and access to our private online voice group

Private Online Voice Group

Send me an e-mail today to gain free access to our private online support group focused on transgender voice feminization! 

Not everyone has the resources or time to work one - on - one with a clinician or attend a workshop. So I created this private group to reach the entire transgender community and offer a supportive space where you can access tips, tricks, support and professional insight to feminizing your voice. This online community aims to provide a safe and supportive online group where others are also taking a personal journey to find their most authentic feminine voice. 

If you are interested in joining this group please send me a message and share this with others who may find this resource to be of value to them.