Traditional Voice Therapy 

Voice therapy is for anyone who has an acute or chronic voice pathology. Vocal pathologies can include acute vocal edema, vocal hemorrhaging, vocal nodules, etc. These are medical conditions that are treated under the care of an otolaryngologist and speech - language pathologist.  

Conditions treated include:

  •  Voice  for nodules, polyps, cysts, hemorrhages, paralysis, & muscle tension dysphonia
  • Therapy for the high - endurance vocal professional (singer, actor, public speaker, etc) 
  • Customized vocal hygiene protocol 
  • Strengthening  a weak or aging voice
  • Pre - operative therapy to enhance surgical outcomes 
  • Post - operative therapy to ensure optimal healing
  • Breathing and breath control for enhanced vocal vibrations 


Following a consultation and referral to an otolaryngologist we will meet either in person or via Skype for an initial assessment. Baseline data is collected and a comprehensive report is provided with recommendations for a treatment protocol and goals.  


Treatment is based on results of your assessment and recommendations from your otolaryngologist.