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Transgender Voice FEMINIZATION

Services include a consultation, comprehensive assessment followed by a meeting to discuss the results. Based on results and data I'll develop a treatment plan to meet your individual needs. 

Individual Voice Feminization is typically 12 sessions.

One - day workshops for groups of two or more are available for those who wish to target voice feminization and see accelerated results in a shorter duration of time. 

Mindful Voice 

Mindful Voice is a holistic approach to vocal wellness and awakening your  multifaceted identity. Your voice serves a physiological, biological and emotional purpose. It is a tool for self - expression and represents your inner most thoughts and emotions. If you are a professional and use your voice in any capacity throughout the day then Mindful Voice is for you. This comprehensive vocal health and wellness program is for anyone who uses their voice. We combine the best evidence based practices into a holistic approach to awakening your authentic voice through physical and emotional voice work.





TRaditional voice therapy

Traditional voice therapy services are available for the professional who uses their voice daily and needs a tune up. I'll start with a consultation, assessment and treatment plan. If necessary I may refer you to an Otolaryngologist if I feel you need further care from an MD prior to starting voice therapy.