Vocal Wellness

What is Mindful Voice? Mindful Voice is a holistic approach to vocal wellness and awakening your  multifaceted identity. Your voice serves a physiological, biological and emotional purpose. It is a tool for self - expression and represents your inner most thoughts and emotions. If you are a professional and use your voice in any capacity throughout the day then Mindful Voice is for you. This comprehensive vocal health and wellness program is for anyone who uses their voice. We combine the best evidence based practices into a holistic approach to awakening your authentic voice through physical and emotional voice work.

  • Sound Meditation 
  • Vocal Function Exercises
  • Guided Visualizations 
  • Vocal Vibrations: Vagus Nerve Stimulation  
  • Breath Work: Diaphragmatic Breathing Principles 
  • Circum - Laryngeal Massage

Vocal Hygiene 

We take great care to sharpen their mind, keep their bodies strong and nourish ourselves with nutrient dense foods. Our voice is an equally important piece of this puzzle on the journey to self actualization and optimization. We should take care of our voice with the same intention that we take care of our mind, body and spirit. 

Our diet, lifestyle and environment impact our voice.  Through a comprehensive intake assessment we identify the areas of your life that are potentially harming your vocal wellbeing. An individualized vocal hygiene program helps keep your physical vocal cords healthy and supple. 

Breath Work & Massage 





Combined laryngeal massage and breathwork unlock our highest vocal vibrations.  Also called circum -  laryngeal massage or digital laryngeal manipulation,  the focus of this technique is to decrease excessive contraction of the muscles of the larynx. Vocal & breath exercises are incorporated during the massage to facilitate clear and easy voice production without excessive muscle contraction.